One of a kind artist bears
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Gift Bears

Give the gift of a Rose-May handmade bear

Rose-May bears are the perfect gift if you are looking to give a unique present that can be treasured for many years. Teddy bears are timeless and loved by many so your choice of giving a Rose-May bear will be appreciated and loved.

Many people of all ages have received Rose-May bears, even though they are not toys and not suitable for children to play with they sit on many shelves becoming family heirlooms of the future.

By choosing one you will be giving a gift that nobody else will give as they are all one of a kind bears. Each one is fully jointed with glass eyes and hand embroidered facial features. They each have their own personality so you can choose just the one that will suit the recipient perfectly.

Every bear comes complete with the ceramic button which is handmade especially for us by a local ceramic artist with the letters RM hand painted on. So the recipient will know they have a true one of a kind Rose-May bear.​


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