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Creating Rose-May bears

All our bears are handmade in Yorkshire. Using high quality fabrics, these are not always the traditional fur fabrics you would normally expect bears to be made from. We only make one of each bear so every one is an exclusive to you. We like to make bears with a difference that have their own character and individuality.

When making we do not have an idea of what the bear will look like when finished we choose matching fabrics and then just create.  You will see when looking through our collection that not every bear is smiling some look sad, or even a little angry this is because we have given the bears the expression that suited their individuality. Completing a bears face can take anything from a couple of days to many weeks. This is because we never rush the faces until we are sure of exactly what they should look like. 

Each bear is fully jointed they all have glass eyes and hand embroidered facial features. For the stuffing we use a range of materials, traditional stuffing, woodwool, wool, whatever we decide as we are making the bear that will suit any particular bear some are filled firm others soft.  Most have a small pouch of steel shot to add weight but not all, this is just decided as we are making.

It takes us around 20 hours to make a bear and sometimes this can take many weeks as if we are not seeing the next stage for creating the finished bear we will place it on the side and wait till we understand how the bear is going to progress then we will pick it up and restart work on it. By working this way we believe the bears are all created with their own personality.

When completed the bears have their button sewn on. These buttons are especially made for us by Rita a local ceramic artist. Each one has the letters RM hand written on them. 

We are constantly creating our bears and regularly adding new collections. If you are not near us in Yorkshire as well as our website we regularly  travel around the country throughout the year attending events. These are all listed on the website so please check if we are coming to an event near you. 

Because of the small parts the bears are not suitable for children or to be used as toys.


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