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We have new products gift boxes and mohair teddy bear kits

Tracey Wilmot

Time flies so fast. We start to do things and with being a small company who at doing everything themselves it seems to take us far longer than we first thought.

I am sure any of you out there who are working for themselves and trying to start a business know exactly where I am coming from. The hours we work are far longer than anything I have ever done before. I never saw 3am as much when the children were babies as I do now.

After all that though we have done it, our gift boxes are packed and available on the website and our bear kits are finished and available on the website. On top of that I have also started doing a set of YouTube videos explaining the bear kits and showing how I sew a bear together.

Our gift boxes are hand packed by us, lined with wood wool and wrapped in cellophane. We have chosen products that compliment each other. Our main aim was to mix products by different makers and showcase handmade items. Robert is very good at the cellophane wrapping and so he takes this job on.

We are very proud of the teddy bear kits, we have tried to make them as user friendly as possible and make a kit where you can get straight on and make straight away. So I have cut out all the mohair pieces by hand for the bears body and marked all the back of the fabric to show you exactly what to do. The glass eyes, joints, embroidery thread for the nose and whipping twine for pulling the neck and attaching the eyes are included. I have also sewn the steel shot what you add to the stomach, into a pouch all ready to just pop into the bears tummy to add weight.

The fabric is a lovely Schulte mohair in a golden colour and the paw pads a bronze alcantra suede fabric so a real heirloom bear. By doing the videos I wanted to show what I do when making a bear and hopefully you will find these interesting and  pick up a few tips when making not just our bear kit but any teddy bear.

I didn't realise how difficult it would be to make a video with three children and a dog in the house but we are real people with a real life and it was a great not to be missed chance for the children to see how far they could push their luck. Our dog decided the house was unusually quiet with only one person talking so she decided to have a bark to make it more like the home she is used to but with all this going on we kept filming.

Please take a look and if you have any questions please just get in touch and I will do all I can to help.




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