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Our year on the road

Robert Wilmot

We have been taking our bears out to events for the last year. From craft fairs to gift fairs to makers markets. We had no experience of selling at these sort of events before we started taking the bears and the amount you learn is massive. From learning everything you have to take to how to set your stand up to make the best of the products to learning the events that best suit your product.

I have heard so many people say they no longer do fairs as they never sell anything and have just lost heart. I find this so sad that people are thinking that their products are not worthy of selling and have lost heart with creating. The problem I have found is that fairs are so different and finding the fairs that match with the products you are trying to sell and the people who go to them is the hard part and the only way you learn this is through trial and error, unfortunately this can be time consuming and costly but what one person calls a good fair can be one that you have stood and sold nothing and spoke to hardly anyone all day. I have also learned that it is not all about selling but getting feedback on your makes and just talking to people can make a great day and before you know it you are packing up have sold nothing but still feel that you have really enjoyed yourself.

As we sell products that are not small and not something that people buy every day we also use them to get ourselves known. This has been really successful for us.

The way the fair is run can also make a great difference to your day, I have spent some days where people have been really annoyed that there are three or four people selling the same things as them. Ask when booking do they have anybody else with the same items, do they look at the items before accepting a booking. This may feel uncomfortable to do but it is far better to know before you turn up. Also do they advertise? is there car parking? if you find out as much as possible you can also publicise that you will be there and tell potential visitors what they can expect and why they should visit. 

We have a couple more events for this year and are in full swing organising next year but with our eyes more open and with a clear idea of what events we will be looking for. 


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