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Exhibiting at Top Drawer

Tracey Wilmot spotted top drawer

I can't believe how long it is since I have wrote on this blog, time just flies so quickly. We had a plan this year to attend events up and down the country taking our bears out as much as possible, getting them seen and learning from feedback. Then to hopefully make the move into wholesale.

Well the time has come and we are exhibiting at Top Drawer in a couple of weeks. I applied earlier in the year to be part of the spotted section. I chose this way as it is a special section run by Charlotte Abrahams for new products and people who have never attended a trade fair before. I was delighted to be accepted and at the time it seemed so far away that I did not have any nerves.

With about a month to go the nerves started kicking in and both me and Robert started having second thoughts, could we do it? Are our products good enough? etc, etc.... We had attended trade fairs before when we had the shop and so had a good idea of what they were like but we had been looking with buyers eyes. We had hoped to attend Top Drawer for their spring show earlier in the year but ended up double booked at a gift fair. So we decided to go to Harrogate Home and Gift fair but this time with different eyes this helped us gain some confidence with our idea for our stand. When we booked our stand we were advised to try not to use a table and so we had bought some wooden plinths but unfortunately our bears did not look very good on them, in fact they looked terrible. Looking round plenty of people had tables at Harrogate and knowing it is not the same show we guessed there must be some people in the same boat as us that just did not have any other suitable way to present their products.

We came home with more enthusiasm and thought lets just bite the bullet and give it our best shot. being part of spotted has some great advantages they offered 2x2 hour webinars from Patricia van den Akker from The Design Trust and Charlotte Abrahams. These gave loads of great information, including showing some pictures of past stands and some had a table so we were all right there thankfully.

It's currently all go we have a countdown on the kitchen cupboard with a list of jobs still to do but they are doable and we are getting them ticked of each day. Robert has been in charge of the computer stuff and made the order forms just in case we are lucky enough to get one. We have also decided that we are going to take it in our stride what we haven't got right we will learn from for future and as long as we have done the best we can we will be giving it our best shot. This may feel different when we get there. We have the stand in our mind the only thing we have got to decide is exactly which bears we are taking but seen as I am still making that will be decided on the day we go. 

I will let you know how we get on, what we forgot and what we didn't even know we had to do but that's taking a giant leap for the first time.

We have our bears showing on Top Drawers website with a bit about us you can read it here.

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