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2017 getting ready to launch Rose-May bear kits

Tracey Wilmot Rose-May bears

We have made it into 2017, happy new year to everybody. We are sure we are amongst lots of others who are making plans for this year. Firstly though we have to finish 2016 and have our Christmas party. Thank you to everybody who viewed and shared our posts for winning a Christmas party for our team and a big thank you to Funding circle UK for picking us as the winners. We are having our party tomorrow night. We are a small team but while building our new venture have had many people who have helped us along the way, from giving feedback on our products to helping look after the children so we have invited them all along and have fourteen going on our night out. Eric has chosen where to go and has chosen an Indian.

We have lots of plans for the new year, continuing making our bears and launching our new range of bear kits. We have spent weeks working on these and have now finalised our kit. Scarlett my second daughter has named him Gerry after the character Dennis Waterman plays in new tricks, the programme was on TV the night I finished the first bear and she looked at him and said that's who he should be called after and so Gerry was named. The kit will be complete with pre cut mohair, pre cut suede for feet and paws, glass eyes, joints, steel shot ready sewn into a pouch, stuffing and thread for the eyes and embroidering the nose. I am busy at the moment making the pouches and cutting out bear pieces. I wanted to make a kit that was as easy as possible to use so have designed it with everything ready to start sewing as soon as you open the box. I am working hard and they will be available soon.

I have received a couple of enquiries from shops who want to stock the ready made bears. This is a big step for us and one that as a small business you never dare dream will happen especially when it is them who come to you. So after getting over my attack of nerves and this cant really be happening to me I plucked up the courage to answer yes I will keep you updated with how this goes.

All of us at Rose-May wishes everybody a good 2017.



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